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The Finnish association of Flat Glass

The Finnish association of Flat Glass is a non-profit organisation for glass industry and companies that operate close to the glass sector. The association was founded in 1997 and started to operate in the beginning of 1998. The purpose of the association is to promote the operational preconditions of its members and arrange networking opportunities, also with Finnish and European authorities.

The Finnish association of Flat Glass serves and advises
- We promote competitiveness and valuation of the glass industry
- We raise awareness of the glass sector
- We safeguard our member’s interests in decision making and legislation
- We practice publishing, training and education
- We advise and consult
- We provide information of the technical development
- We cooperate with international organisations

The association has almost 150 member companies, like glass shops, further processors, importers and glass manufacturers. There is representation from each glass sector in the board of the association. The principle of operation is “member and vote”. So each member counts.